The sites of the Florida Soccer Training Centers are the University of Central Florida (Orlando) and the University of West Florida (Pensacola). Both of these universities are two of the finest educational and athletic insitutions in the country.

The Florida Soccer Training Centers will assist you at any stage of your soccer development and agen sbobet terpercaya. From the novice to the ODP advanced player and tangkas88, our curriculum is designed to meet your field player, goalkeeping and team needs.

In order for a player to become better its imperative that an environment is created which is conducive to "Learning". The Florida Soccer Training Centers utilize the finest teachers in the sport of soccer to impart their knowledge to eager players. Some of the nation's top collegiate and scholastic coaches explain, demonstrate and then organize a unique learning environment through creative and innovative teaching methods. Also, assisting in the developmental process is the demonstration displayed by some of the best professional and collegiate players in the country.

The athletic facilities at Florida Soccer Training Centers are simply first-class. With five full-size Bermuda grass playing fields, top-notch training room and fine living accommodations a player is given all the quality essentials to develop into a first-class player.

After an exhilarating and demanding day on the field, the players will return to the comfort of the fine dormitories located directly across from the playing fields. The players will enjoy delicious meals, as the well-balanced menu will prepare them with the necessary energy needed for the next training session.


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